5 of the most important reasons for betting online

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Fees and taxes are zero for online sports betting
Unlike other offline sports betting agencies, online betting agencies do not charge any fees when you place a bet or when you withdraw the profit earned on the betting ticket. It is remarkable the fact that most online bookmakers pay bank fees when clients withdraw money from the betting account.

First deposit attractive bonuses
I am pretty sure no one received any bonus when betting with offline betting agencies. I do not know for sure if this fact has changed recently because since I can bet online, I didn’t tried anymore the offline betting agencies, but instead, I can tell you for sure that 99% of the online bookmakers offer an welcome bonus for new customers. These betting bonuses vary between 10% from the first deposit and 100% or even more. You can check our list of betting bonuses and some other useful information on obtaining those bonuses.

Live betting service
Live betting is one important advantage of online sportsbook, because you can bet during the match on a wide range of picks (total goals, number of corners, scorers, etc.).  For example, if you know to predict which team will dominate the game, after viewing the first minutes of the mach, then you can bet on the number of corners, or other types of bets that are easier to anticipate.

Betting offer
Online bookmakers offer is much more than what you could find at any offline betting agency. Bwin for example, offers an average of 30 000 bets daily and we can add to this the live betting service that the most of offline betting agencies can’t provide it.

Safety and security
We know that many of you are skeptical about online sports betting, because you think the online money transfer operation is risky and not trustable. We want to ensure all of you that depositing money by card is a much safer operation than opening your wallet inside an offline betting agency or anywhere else. In other words, online bookmakers own accredited and secure payment systems, offering to clients optimal conditions to deposit or withdraw money.

5 of the most important reasons for betting online

Can everybody make profit from sports betting?

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Every gambler knows that sports without bets  are like parties without beautiful women, and the combination between sports and bets makes gamblers to feel sporting events in a unique way and impossible to describe in words.  The online betting sites can generate you entertainment and money at the same time but for this, you must learn how to bet your money.  In the sports betting world there are only three types of players:

  1. Professional sports betting players
These are those players who take sports betting as an inexhaustible source of money, easily earn money, money that provides them a steady income.  These types of players are the most unwanted clients for the online betting sites, but nobody can touch them, because they earn money in an honest way.

2. Amateur sports betting players
Unlike the professional sports betting players, this type of players had never won substantial amounts of money from betting. Most of them are winning only because of them inspiration and knowledge about sports and sports betting. They are not using advanced betting systems and strategies and are pleased with moderate winnings, and take the betting activity like a hobby.
3. The losers
This type of players, regularly “donate” money to bookmakers, by betting in the worst way possible.  By time passing they became good “friends” to bookmakers, by loosing large amounts of money.  Whatever you do or bet, you must avoid becoming a looser.

These are the only types of betting that have ever existed and will exist. If you want to win at sports betting, or if you have some advanced knowledge about sports and you just want to try betting online, you must fit in to the first two categories of betting. Reading our sports betting articles, and using our odds comparison and live results tools, we hope for you to learn how to make profit from sports betting.

Can everybody make profit from sports betting?
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